Networking Principles
Monday 13:30-16:30 H108 (Cauldon)
Wednesday 13:30-16:30 H108 (Cauldon)

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Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Exploring the Network
Networking Principles (Unit 41 Descriptor)

Assignment 1 (Topologies and Network Components)
Assignment 3 (Cabling standards)


Network Protocols and Communications

Assignment 2 (OSI and TCP/IP models)
Exploring a network (Practical)
OSI Exercises
TCP/IP and OSI in action (Practical)


The Transport Layer

Exploring TCP and UDP communications
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Links Additional Resouces

Cisco (Net Effect) video

How email works (video)

Introduction to Wireshark

Logical and physical topologies

OSI Reference Model (video)

Peer-to-peer (video)

Physical versus logical topology

Solarwinds subnet calculator

TCP / IP - An animated discussion

The Basics of Subnetting IPv4

The OSI model animation

Understanding the OSI model


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Acknowlegements to: Cisco Systems, Colin Keen

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