Vodafone (practical skills)
Monday 13:30-16:30 H108 (Cauldon)

corner piece Weeks 1-3 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Introduction to Networking

Exploring a network (Practical)


Default Gateway
Host to Host Communication
Host to Host Packet Delivery
Internet Layer
Introduction to Ethernet
Transport Layer

Exploring TCP and UDP communications
TCP/IP and OSI in action (Practical)


LAN Components
LAN Design Considerations

Initial Switch Configuration
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corner piece Weeks 4-6 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Benefits of Switching
Cisco IOS

Navigation the Cisco IOS


IP addressing subnetworks
The Functions of Routing

Calculating IPv4 Subnets
Converting IPv4 addresses to binary
Identifying IPv4 addresses
Subnetting Pizza
Subnetting scenario 1
Subnetting scenario 2


Configuring Cisco routers
Configuring routing
Providing Internet connection

Basic RIP lab
Building a Swtich Router Network
Connect a Router to LAN
Initial Router Configuration
Router Configuration (GIRL) sheet
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corner piece Links & Addtional Resources corner piece
Links Additional Resouces

Cisco (Net Effect) video

Cisco Packet Tracer tutorials (JMartinCIS videos)


Online IP Subnet Calculator

Subnet Zero and the All-Ones Subnet

Subnetting - Magic Number


The Basics of Subnetting IPv4
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Acknowlegements to: Vodafone

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