Data and Databases
Tuesday 13:30-16:30 S205 (Staffs Uni)
Wednesday 13:30-16:30 S205 (Staffs Uni)
Thursday 13:30-16:30 S205 (Staffs Uni)

corner piece Weeks 1-3 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


SDLC Introduction
System Development Environment

SDE Exercise


Introduction to DFDs

Music Zone Context Diagram Exercise
Music Zone Exercise
Payroll System DFDs


ERDs - Cardinality and Optionality
ERDs - Introduction
ERDs - Key terms
ERDs - Many to Many Relationships
ERDs - Relationships
ERDs - Selecting Attributes

ERDs - Relationship Quiz
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corner piece Weeks 4-6 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Introduction to Normalisation

Normalisation exercise 1
Normalisation exercise 2
Normalisation exercise 3
Normalisation exercise 4
Normalisation exercise 5


Use Case Modelling


Creating ERDs in QSEE Superlite
Entering data into MySQL
Exporting ERDs from QSEE Superlite into MySQL
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corner piece Weeks 7-9 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Calculations and Groupings
Simple select queries

Calculations and Groupings (Exercises)
Simple Select (Exercises)


Altering Tables
Joins and Subqueries

Altering tables (Exercises)
Joins and Subqueries (Exercises)


Introduction to PHP
PDO Connection to MySQL
PDO Delete and Update Queries
PDO Insert Query
PDO Select Query

Employee-Project database file
Employee-Project PHP files (zipped)
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corner piece Weeks 10-12 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Database Testing

Testing Plan
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corner piece Links & Addtional Resources corner piece
Links Additional Resouces

DaD module descriptor

Data flow diagram (Wikipedia)

Data Flow Modelling (explained)

DFD Symbols

Entity Life History (Explanation)

Entity Relationship Diagrams (explained)

Entity Relationship Model (Wikipedia)

Entity Relationship Modeling (video)

Example of a Data Flow Diagram (Level 0)

Example of a DFD Context Diagram

How to draw Data Flow Diagrams

Introduction to PHP PDO

Jackson Workbench ELH


Normalisation Demonstration (video)


Object Sequence Diagram

PDO Connection (Explained)

PHP 5 Forms - Required Fields

PHP Data Objects (

QSEE Superlite (homepage)

QSEE Superlite (zipped folder)

Requirements analysis (Wikipedia)


SSADM (Wikipedia)

System context diagram (Wikipedia)

Systems Development Life Cycle

TeacherInfo ELH

TechnologyUK ELH

The (only proper) PRO tutorial

Use Cases (Codemanship)

W3Schools (HTML Forms)

W3Schools (PHP Form Validation)

W3Schools (PHP Forms)

W3Schools (SQL Tutorial)

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Acknowlegements to: Phil Rock James

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