CCNET Bootcamp
Monday - S409 (Staffs Uni)
Tuesday - S405 (Staffs Uni)
Tuesday - S415 (Staffs Uni)
Wednesday - S415 (Staffs Uni)

corner piece Weeks 1-3 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


Device Discovery, Managament and Maintenance

Backing up Configuration Files
Configuring NTP
Configuring Syslog and NTP
DMM Integration Challenge
Mapping a Network using CDP
Using TFTP



Configuring DHCPv4
DHCPv4 Integration Challenge


IP Addressing
Switch Configuration
Switched Networks

Configuring SSH
Configuring Switch Port Security
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corner piece Weeks 4-6 corner piece
Week Lecture Tutorial/Exercise


GIRL Configuration Sheet
IP Addressing

Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 Interfaces
Configuring IPv4 Static Routes
Configuring IPv6 Static Default Routes
IP Integration Challenge
IPv6 Addressing
Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast Traffic
Using Ping and Traceroute
Verifying IPv4 and IPv6


Building A Small Network

Configuring Secure Passwords with SSH
Small Network Integration Challenge 1
Small Network Integration Challenge 2
Small Network Troubleshooting Challenge
Troubleshooting Connectivity
Using Show Commands
Using Traceroute


Application Layer Protocols

Configuring DNS and DHCP
Exploring a Network
Using FTP
Web and Email
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corner piece Links & Addtional Resources corner piece
Links Additional Resouces

CCNET Exam Topics

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Acknowlegements to: Cisco

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